advice required on a new mobile phone

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by finley44, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. finley44

    finley44 Active Member

    are iphone 4's worth the cost £244 & £40 per month for 24 months

    or a nokia N8 free & £35 per month for 18 months or something else :wink:
  2. Big Dave

    Big Dave New Member

    If it was me mate I would go for the iPhone. Brilliant piece of kit..
  3. njberrie

    njberrie New Member

    carphonewarehouse were giving iphone 4s for free buddy with 35quid 12 month contracts but a 150quid deposit refundable on 4th bill :wink: :wink:
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S on £30 a month 1000 mins unlimited texts and internet, It's an awesome phone!

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  6. s800byn

    s800byn Member

    HTC desire all the way, only 30 a month, better than the iphone and you don't have to deal with apple! Winner!
  7. dave-w-

    dave-w- Well-Known Member

    blackberry torch 9800 :wink:
  8. scalesy

    scalesy New Member

    iPhone 4 all the way over the n8 ! Galaxy S Known too Crash a Lot! :shock:
    Had my 32 gig iPhone 4 for 8 months and never crashed 8) I have allways had the best smart Phone of the time for years! They have all been Crap in some way! But I can not fault the iPhone I love it pure class made of stainless steel and glass not poo plastic!! :lol: There is even a Dyno App :twisted:
  9. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    iPhone 4 Tesco deal 12 months contract @ £35 per month £229 for phone up front, easy to use, no crashing and I can sell the phone at end of my contract ant get more than the £229 back
  10. markscooby

    markscooby Active Member

    ste garry can do u a iphone 4 phone for £35 per month and £65 for the iphone 4 phone he said this the best phone on the market
  11. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    Just got email from Quidco... click on 'mobiles' tab to see offers - you will have to join to get offers though...

    Mick :mrgreen:
  12. Widdowmaker

    Widdowmaker Well-Known Member

    Just going through the same process thorugh work

    Have the following choices
    1) N8 Velvet- awesome camera
    2) Iphone 4
    3) motorola Defy
    4) HTC Desire
    5) HTC Touch 2
    6) HTC Wildfire

    Personal experince of the iphone is not good, I find the sound quality of the iphone on the phone side appauling. Voice quality of the person recieving the call is bad. Wind noise or surroundingback ground noise picked up really clearly, smothering the voice. Things may have changed with the 4.

    I personaly want the N8- for the camera. at 12 mpix is superb, with great functionality, but not sure of the phone aspect. Windows mobile software or is this android.... not sure need to read up more

    I understand the HTC are great phones!!!

    Motorolas, no idea....

    Works paying so its not an issue, but I am stuck with it for 3 years, what ever I get.....
  13. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    another vote for the HTC Desire
  14. Braggy71

    Braggy71 Well-Known Member

    I have the Iphone 4 too, its a reasonable phone but not sure I would choose it again. My main problem with it is if you are on the phone (not handsfree) and you adjust the phone next to your ear, it either puts the call on hold or cuts it off completely ! The touchscreen seems far too sensitive, unless it is just me!?!
  15. LeeDee

    LeeDee New Member

    I have the HTC Desire and a mate of mine has the Desire HD. Both cracking phones imho. I just found the HD a bit bulky and it was £6 or so dearer per month (I know that's not alot, but when you're watchin the pennies, it all mounts up) I also know plenty of other people with various HTC phones, wildfire, HD2 etc, and I've never heard a bad thing about them. A few of which have switched from an iphone to. I get 500 mins, 5000 texts, unlimited internet and the phone is free, with 3 for £25 a month. There is a fair use policy of 1GB, which I've never gone over and I use the internet quite a bit on my phone. Thousands of apps to, prob not as many as iphone, though I bet they're not far behind. I've asked plenty of friends what they think, and they were always biased towards the phone they owned. So, read some independant reviews and make your own mind up, thats what I did in the end :D
  16. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

  17. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    iPhone 3GS_now iPhone 4 they become addictive,games,email,Internet,camera,music HD quality svreen abd the AppStore,I'm always in there. :lol:
    I could not be without it now,it won't disappoint. :wink:
  18. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    My son has the Iphone 4

    He loves it for the games etc but nearly every time I have spoken to him on it the sound quality is much poorer than other phones he's had and sometimes it just cuts off
  19. scalesy

    scalesy New Member

    Just for the lads who dont know much about smart phones! The Nokia N8 runs on Symbian software! Like all Nokia's have! it has been around for a long time but has been left feeling slow and out of date by the likes of Apple and Google! If you have ever used a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic this phone runs on Symbian Os the n8 is runnig on a Symbian^3 it has the same feel just tweeked up a bit! :wink:

    My last phone was a Samsung i8910 Hd that also run on Symbian this was a top phone on paper 8mp camera! Hd Video OLED Screen should of been a Iphone killer! Was a top piece of hardware! The problem was the Symbian Os let it down Big Time and Samsung's Crap support for custmers with there £700 worth of Phone! :roll:

    I could not wait for the N8 as I have allways had the top Nokia Phones! And was hoping this was going too put Nokia back in the Hot seat! But it was a Very big disappointment for me! And did not live up to the Hype! :roll: This is why I now have a iPhone 4 and is the best phone I have ever had! And I hate Apple for what they are but its a top phone and thats a fact! 8)
  20. finley44

    finley44 Active Member

    it looks like an iphone 4 but i don't want to pay £££'s up front or be stuck with a 24 month contract, i had a 3gs 2 years ago, on a 24month contract i didnt like it at all, kept it for 2 weeks & sold it, i'm up for renewal now, i have a N8 here but it needs unlocking, funnily enough i loved my nokia 5800 :wink:

    thanks for all the advice

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