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  1. andy-52
    andy-52 ELV1S
    Hi Dave. Can I order a club polo shirt in size XL please? I will be at the Dec meet.
  2. markscooby
    markscooby lee928
  3. deansdad
    deansdad Maciek
    Hello mate .
    Is pipe diameter 3 inch or 2.5?
    1. Maciek
      Jul 11, 2017
  4. Darren Garside
    Darren Garside edmy716
    Hey Ade, could you drop me a message with a price for MY2014 STi (latest shape) remap with standard setup. Looking to get cat back exhaust as well, but not sure that will be done before remap, would it need another remap after?
  5. Obey 1
    Obey 1 ZANNY
    hi zanny thanks for the reply i am at the moment looking around and getting info on what to do people are saying re build and forge or just a good history low mile engine possibly p/x either way
  6. madman
    madman Paul Kennedy
    Hi mate hows it going .have you give up with the Scooby or still got it
  7. paulbabyscoob
    impreza sti jdm
  8. madman
  9. ELV1S
    ELV1S RS2074SM
    Hi Sean
    Just a reminder re your membership bud
    Are you renewing?
  10. ELV1S
    ELV1S EatonSti
    Hi Phil
    Just a reminder re your membership bud
    Are you renewing?
  11. ELV1S
    ELV1S davewrx
    Hi Dave
    Just a reminder re your membership bud
    Are you renewing?
  12. Steve T
  13. Steve T
    Steve T Richard @ CotComp Car Sales
    Hi Richard. I,m off work next week. Do you still want to sell my car? I will get a fresh M.O.T before I bring it to you. Not sure whether I told you but since you had the car last time, a lot of work done.

  14. ZANNY
    Hi Dave will the beanie hats be available at the meet on 11th ?
    1. ELV1S
      Yes bud, as will other stuff mate
      Sep 1, 2016
    2. ZANNY
      Superb see you on the 11th
      Sep 1, 2016
  15. TEACHn17
    Helping shell oil share prices.
  16. madman
    I see . you will know that things will be ok when you get it back
  17. Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy madman
    It's in cam at the moment engine cradle,sti alloy wishbones, suspension legs f/r. New spark plugs + bits £££
  18. Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy madman
    Hi Paul see you going to meet on Sunday link up at rivey services
    1. madman
      ye can do mate any news on yours
      May 2, 2016
  19. madman
    AM loving it
  20. ray
    ray ELV1S
    Hi. Dave ate you getting my message . I have trayed to message others on hear and am not getting any thing back . If you get this message can you let me no . Cheers ray.
    1. ray
      No body is getting back to me about renewing my membership.looks like no one wants to speek to any more. O well will shoud be at the next meeting
      Apr 28, 2016